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Wildlife pays the Maasai through the community ranger operation

Lion and elephant are still speared by the Maasai communities in retaliation to livestock and crop losses. Professional GRAA member, Iain Olivier, and his team of rangers are using innovative ways to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

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Photo credit: Iain Olivier

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One on one with Krugers Chief Ranger Funda

Xolani Nicholas Funda, Chief Ranger of the KNP, spoke to the GRAA about the life of a Kruger Ranger and what it really means to be a Field Ranger in this current context.


Photo credit: Africa Geographic

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GRAA bids farewell to one of its founder members

It is with sadness that we heard of the passing of GRAA Founder Member No.7 Johan Kloppers. Ranger colleagues, friends and family paid tribute to Johan during a ceremony on the 3rd March in Nelspruit.

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October 2015 Namibian Chapter Newsletter

The dry, hot and dismally depressing conditions persist throughout Namibia and for most of us “Suicide Month” is no longer a month but months.


July 2015 Namibian Chapter Newsletter

In July, John Grobler and Oxpeckers published an investigative article that takes an indepth look at the link between roads, railways, Chinese Mines and cattle to rhino poaching.


World ranger day in DRC

All Congolese rangers commemorated World Ranger Day on Friday, 31 July 2015. As many people know, the DRC has registered a huge number of conservation heroes since 1960. The country's rich biodiversity unfortunately attracts armed poachers and rangers are paying a heavy price as they defend their heritage.

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June 2015 Namibian Chapter Newsletter

The year 2015 is proving to be a real challenge for Conservation in Namibia. Our Rhinos and Elephants are severely under threat from the highly sophisticated poaching syndicates operating in the RSA who are on our doorstep. They are making devastating inroads into our population to establish networks and deplete our Rhino and Elephant populations.


Roddy Ward – Nxatshane - Bayete Baba, Bayete

roddywardRoddy Ward, a much loved and respected lecturer, colleague and friend to many, passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning 5th July 2015. At 88, he was possibly the oldest practicing ecologist in South Africa....having started officially with the then NPB in 1953! Despite having an ankle problem, he was still busy making plans to go down the Transkei coast with Keith Cooper, to look at some shifting dunes at the end of this month. The late Ian Player, with whom Roddy worked with amongst the other great Game Rangers of the 1953-1963 era considered him "the finest plant ecologist in Africa".

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March 2015 Namibian Chapter Newsletter

This is our 4th issue of the GRAA-Namibian Chapter (GRAA-NAM). We have an active membership list of almost 40, from a total of over 70 members, and increasing. We are very active on social media with our GRAA-Nam Facebook group with over 1760 followers and growing. This page is also connected to the Namibian Nature Conservation Page with 1900 followers and thus exposure is continuing to expand. All contributions are appreciated.

The 45th AGM

Some of the GRAA members in attendance

The Sedia Riverside Hotel in Maun, Botswana recently hosted the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA). It was incredibly pleasing to see the effort that so many GRAA members made to be in attendance. An interesting array of speakers at the seminar day discussed transboundary conservation efforts and challenges in the region with almost 50 people in attendance.

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