Rhino Conservation Awards 2016

ChrisGalliersRhinoAwardsThe 2016 Rhino Conservation Awards was held on 11th July 2016 at Monte Casino in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Founders Dr Larry Hansen, and Miss Xiaoyang Yu, with sponsors Carl Zeiss Sports Optics in collaboration with the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and the Game Rangers Association of Africa, will present the Rhino Conservation Awards 2016. This will be the fifth year that these awards will recognize significant role players involved in rhino conservation.

The key to successfully conserving the rhino will lie in the dedication of all those involved in the fight against rhino poaching in Africa. These people often do selfless and unrecognized work to save our natural heritage that is in danger of being lost forever. Sometimes this happens in the face of physical danger, political opposition and severe financial constraints.These factors make the contribution of each role player even more worthy of recognition – hence the reason for these awards.

The primary objective of the awards is to give recognition to the winners, runners up and all nominees, and in doing so raise awareness of what is done in the war against rhino poaching. This will serve to motivate involved role players to keep fighting to ensure the rhino’s survival.

The Rhino Conservation Awards will be presented on Monday 11th July 2016 at a Gala Dinner function at Monte Casino in Gauteng, South Africa. It will coincide with the celebration of World Ranger Day of 31 July as proclaimed by the IUCN, and will be attended by high-level dignitaries, members of the South African Government, Foreign Diplomats, Department of Environment Affairs, National Parks, media, sponsors NGOs and other organizations related to rhino conservation.

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Prepared by Currin't Events and Andrew Campbell, GRAA.

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