Our focus areas

1. Provide networks and support for rangers across Africa

A ranger's job is often done without recognition, in remote wilderness areas where communication is a serious challenge and resource support is often extremely scarce, leading to a feeling of isolation in the work place. The GRAA is thus committed to providing a collective identity for African rangers thereby enhancing their sense of community and belonging. The establishment of networks for Africa's rangers to share their experiences, specialised knowledge and best practices, and form emotional bonds, is essential in maintaining rangers' morale and ensuring a community of practice.

2. Capacitate rangers to effectively perform their duties through equipment provision and training

The GRAA aims to ensure that rangers are adequately trained and equipped to carry out their primary responsibility of maintaining the integrity of wilderness areas, protected areas and other natural areas in which they work. The GRAA Bursary Fund provides training opportunities to rangers. The GRAA is well placed to distribute equipment, facilitate training and provide advice to those rangers in need. The establishment of effective ranger corps across conservation areas in Africa is an essential task that requires much support.

3. Promote the interests of rangers in Africa

The GRAA accepts the responsibility of highlighting the day to day challenges that Africa's rangers face. We endeavour through our membership of the IUCN and IRF, and using other platforms, to raise these issues at the highest possible level and to ensure they receive the attention they deserve. The GRAA is able to provide thought leadership in terms of ranger related issues through its extensive and experienced membership base.


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