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that threatens the very existence of our continent’s remarkable wildlife. These incredible men and women need our support. Maintaining motivation and morale amongst those who stand in the front line of African conservation is of paramount importance if we hope to win what can only be described as a war.

A rangers’ job is often done without recognition, in remote wilderness areas where communication is a serious challenge and resource support is often extremely scarce. Enormous sacrifices are made by rangers and often this is felt most noticeably by a rangers’ family. We therefore also need to recognise them and thank them for their supportive role under trying circumstances. The Game Rangers’ Association of Africa (GRAA) is of the opinion that often these rangers are not acutely aware of the admiration there is amongst the wider global community for the cause which they fight for every day. The GRAA has thus embarked on a social media campaign to gather messages of support for the rangers of Africa by setting up a Facebook page entitled “Support Africa’s Rangers”.

Let these messages serve as a form of motivation to those of you in the field who will know that there are people across the globe that are thinking of you and appreciating the work that they do with such passion and commitment.

The GRAA will distribute these messages far and wide within its network. We hope these messages will serve as a measure of inspiration to the dedicated ranger corps operating across the continent. We unite behind you brave men and women who stand in defence of our natural heritage. You deserve our recognition and thanks.

The following messages are a sample of the support that members of the public have left for you. Over 6000 people have already shown their support by liking the page on Facebook.

We appreciate you,



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