Tributes to some of GRAAs legends

Ian Player We pay tribute to some of the legendary game rangers of our time, who were also pivotal in forming this association, having the vision all those years ago of supporting fellow rangers across the continent.  



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Ranger Reflections

ARC different rangersThe Game Rangers Association of Africa's members share their stories about the challenges, insights and dynamics of African conservation and what it means to be ranger in Africa.  



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GRAA Namibia

Namibia Find out more about what's happening in Namibia in the GRAA Namibian Chapter newsletters

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Rangers for Rhino

rangers-for-rhinos calendarNatural Causes, a company based in Cape Town, in partnership with ex-supermodel turned South African photographer, Josie Borain, have created a Rangers for Rhinos 2015 Calendar for two NGO's, the Game Rangers Association of Africa and Resource Africa, both involved in anti-rhino poaching projects, with the following objectives:.

• To raise money that will be used to stop the poaching of rhinos
• To raise awareness of the work done by South Africa's conservation fraternity, in particular its game rangers, in the anti-poaching campaign in South Africa

This calendar is intended to be the first of an annual production of Rangers for Rhinos Calendars. The idea was to create a calendar whose theme is out the box and right on the money. As we know, everyone loves a game ranger, perhaps even more than a firefighter. So think 'Calendar Girls', and then think game rangers, because the calendar wanted to feature men prepared to step out of their clothes and out of their comfort zones to help raise awareness of the crisis facing the rhino. As with the image of firefighters, game rangers project an uber-masculine, heroic image in the context of the rhino war, on the frontlines of the action.

The content is based on the 'naked for a good cause' concept. The models are actual game rangers from around South Africa and Botswana who volunteered to pose naked for this cause. The photographs feature these game rangers, - naked but not totally exposed! - in various poses which create a sexy, arty, humorous feel.
Along with the great black and white photographs of real rangers partially nude, there is text about the plight of rhino, the experience of rangers on the frontline of the rhino wars - short, powerful moving testimony or facts.

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Rangers face tremendous odds whilst undertaking their work protecting Africa’s remaining wild places. A recent survey of rangers conducted by the WWF showed that almost 80% of the 1742 respondents had faced a life-threatening encounter during their work.

Tragically, in the last 12 months at least 137 rangers have died worldwide according to the International Ranger Federation. The Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA) has recorded 59 ranger deaths in Africa meaning that at least 384 African rangers have been killed in action since 2012. It must be remembered that these figures only reflect those deaths reported and actual estimates are thought to be significantly higher.

‘On World Ranger Day we acknowledge our ranger colleagues who have fallen in the line of duty over the year. We also pay tribute to the family members left behind in neighbouring communities whenever a ranger is killed. It is our duty to ensure the sacrifices made by rangers and their families do not go unnoticed and for us to continue to support Africa’s rangers,’ said Andrew Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of the GRAA.

The GRAA through a joint initiative with SATIB Insurance Brokers called RangerProtect supports the accidental death, disability and medical evacuation cover of over 1500 rangers across Africa. Costing just $30 per ranger per year this insurance cover provides financial support to the families of rangers killed in action and ensures rangers receive in field support if they are injured.

With such perilous risks in the field it is easy for ranger morale to waver. Since 2012, the GRAA has facilitated the Rhino Conservation Awards to recognise their efforts and help motivate rangers in the field. On World Ranger Day we congratulate all the nominees, finalists and winners of these prestigious awards. You inspire us! The winners will be announced at 12h00 SAST (UTC+2) via our social media channels. Well done to you all!

Rangers need support and we are excited today to announce our involvement in a vital initiative to keep rangers supported as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across Africa. NATURAL STATE alongside organising partners Tusk Trust, GRAA, ForRangers, Global Wildlife Conservation, International Ranger Federation and the Thin Green Line Foundation are launching the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to help keep rangers in the field during these challenging times. The Scheinberg Relief Fund, the Challenge’s founding donor, has generously committed $5million of matching funds in support of rangers, with the goal of raising a total of $10 million and getting thousands of rangers back to full capacity.

More than 50 ranger teams across Africa will participate in a multi-million-dollar fundraising initiative to support the men and women across Africa’s protected areas who are enduring drastic cuts in salaries and resources due to the devastating economic impact of Covid-19 and yet are still working tirelessly to safeguard the continent’s iconic wildlife.

“This year it is exciting to be able to share some good news on World Ranger Day. Congratulations to all the nominees, finalists and winners of the Rhino Conservation Awards. Your amazing work does not go unnoticed! We are also extremely proud to be associated with the Wildlife Ranger Challenge which will support over 5000 rangers as they grapple with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Well done to NATURAL STATE, Tusk Trust, the Scheinberg Relief Fund and all the other project partners in supporting rangers during this trying time and ensuring they can perform their essential services which benefits species, habitats, ecosystems and communities,” added Campbell.



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Founded in 1970, the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa (GRAA) is a registered non-profit organisation which is the oldest, largest and most representative ranger association in Africa. We are a member of the International Ranger Federation (IRF) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with over 1500 members registered in over 25 countries.

African Ranger Declaration of Intent

It can be read here.

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The Support Africas Rangers Initiative

2014-01-30 - The challenges facing Africa's rangers are greater than ever before in the face of a continental poaching epidemic that threatens the very existence of our continent’s remarkable wildlife. These incredible men and women need your support.

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